Elizabeth Parent, Michael Petitclerc, Valerie Bourdon, Codrin Tablan-Negrei, Charles Doucet, Ali Egseem, 2018

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Kiriko is a user-based simulation and installation illustrating our relationship with the environment. The piece is primarily experienced through the use of a VR headset where the user passively observes the environment as it changes. The change occurs through another participant who will affect the VR environment using a tangible interface.

Kiriko aims to explore the duality between producer and consumer, as well as to comment on the damage human interference has inflicted onto nature. This installation aims at representing the abstraction between us and the natural environment, and shows it as a relationship of overconsumption.

The project shows our ability to work in a larger team to complete a larger-scale project, while using a variety of techniques such as Unity, Max, woodworking, Steam VR, and a MIDI controller.


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