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About Me

As a recent graduate from Concordia University with a specialization in Computation Arts, I enjoy creating 3D environments, assets, and making art installations. I love to bring tangible art to life using digital data or input, creating pieces which intersect art and technology.

My primary aim is to create a personalized experience for my viewers and to incorporate a meaningful statement into my art, as with my most recent work Starlight Gone.

While being a full-time student, I was keen on volunteering through the community as well as through school as an outdoor education assistant and a school club leader; activities which have helped me become better at organization and leadership.

Some other things I love are rock climbing, baking, sketching and watercolours.


Fusing art with technology, I make physical art that addresses world issues in multi-disciplinary collaborations.

Graphic & Web Design

My background in design always comes in handy. I enjoy making websites, page layouts, interfaces, and other print material.

3D Modelling

I can do organic and hard surface modelling using the software blender. I enjoy texturing and painting UV layouts.

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