Hi, I'm Elizabeth Parent.

I'm a graphic designer based in Montreal with experience in web design and 3D modeling. I'm passionate about finding ways to design in a meaningful and people-friendly way, and am constantly looking to learn new things everyday.

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About Me

I’m Elizabeth, a Montreal-based artist who loves designing for people. I have advanced skills in many of the the Adobe Creative suite programs, and have experience designing websites and integrating those designs into code. I love to create professional booklets, brochures, cards, and other printed material, as well as interactive landing pages, touched-up photos, user interfaces, and video edits.

Besides digital art, I also love to bring tangible art to life using digital data or input, creating pieces which intersect art and technology. My primary aim is to create personalized experiences and to incorporate a meaningful statement into my art, as I did with Starlight Gone (2019).

I have always been an avid outdoorsperson. I have consistently volunteered in various outdoors organizations since being a teenager, which has helped to provide me with organization and leadership skills. On weekends I can be found growing food, rock climbing, kite surfing, or white-water kayaking depending on the season.

Graphic & Web Design

My background in design always comes in handy. I enjoy making websites, page layouts, interfaces, and other print material.


Fusing art with technology, I make physical art that addresses world issues in multi-disciplinary collaborations.

3D Modelling

I can do organic and hardsurface modelling using Maya and blender. I enjoy lighting and rendering scenes.

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  • elparent2@gmail.com
  • +1 (514) 475-8264